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Heart Chakra vs. Sex Chakra


I’ve been opening my sex.
And it had the most extraordinary result.
I’m in love.
I opened the base and the sacral chakra, and in the process my heart chakra expanded.

I just visited a friend who has done the heart work – the connecting through the eyes kind of stuff – for a very long time. He is good at it, in his field kind of a guru.
He used to challenge the sex focus of my work. He said the heart needed to be involved in the sex, else we were unhealthily focused. And that may be true.

What I see often in ‘spiritual’ people is that they are focussing too much on the heart and the compassion side of things and their base and sacral chakras are completely underdeveloped. They are not nurturing or harnessing one of the most powerful energies there is. As a result they often seem unstable – they are idealists with no power.

These past days, I realised I will be able to respond to their challenges now. The challenge of being overly sex focused, just as I was challenging them to be overly heart focused has dissolved for me as I am in love right now. I am in love, so in love with every human being.
I have hit this state before, of course, but the way I got here is new:
I opened my sex!

And here I am, I allowed much more sexual power to come in, I connected more unconditionally to others in sex and suddenly I feel ripe and full – like a sun kissed peach that’s about to burst with juicy sweet flesh under velvety pink and apricot-coloured skin.
And all I can do is love. There is nothing left. I let the energy come into my being through the base and the sacral chakra and of course it went up and right into and through the heart. Of course it did, I feel silly I didn’t see the necessity of this before, where else on earth was it gonna go??

Sexual power is power, it’s life force, it’s energy, of course it moves and doesn’t stay stuck if you let it run free, and of course it moves up, cause that’s the natural direction all things go.
I kept following my path because it felt right, never responding much to the sex-focus-challenge of the heart-focused people, but now I can say: heart focused people, open your base and your sex and you will love. It’s inevitable.


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