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So IF you are unclear of the vision it might be because you are stepping into a whole new and unknown place. 

Usually, in life, you get to live at the top and the bottom of everything you already know*. And you get to rearrange everything that you know so that it looks like it’s new. But really you stay within a certain range of happiness and pain that you can feel and the amount of life you get to live is limited. 

So IF you lean into the unknown, the genuinely unknown, it’ll feel scary. And you won’t have a vision. Because you really don’t know. Shifting from a finite reality into an infinite one will not look any of the ways you know things to look like. It’ll genuinely be new. And your mind will not know what to think.

I wrote this morning to a dear friend that I feel like I am in this beautiful bardo, where I’d usually put an addiction into the emptiness that I sense and at the same time I know that won’t solve anything, so I don’t do what I’d usually do to distract myself. 

So I feel emptiness.
But I have a sense that it’ll fill up with beauty any second.

4 October 2014

*Nicole Daedone

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