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An alchemist’s heartbreak

I reread ‘an alchemists heartbreak’ by Nicole Daedone. It’s the thing to read when you hurt so much that you can’t remember what the point is. Any point. I commented: “I have nothing to say, in this space there is nothing to say, but to express my gratitude. I don’t know which of the words are the ones that are actually soothing, but somehow I don’t feel alone anymore. I didn’t want God to lift it. I wanted to hold on to the pain because that was all I could hold on to. Maybe some day the love that is in that pain, the length and ferocity of it will be enough. Maybe some day he’ll see and he’ll know we are meant to be together. I understand I have to let go, now, I do. I’ll do that in an hour or two.” 20 March 2014   Sign up for my Orgasmic Newsletter [yks-mailchimp-list id=”4cbae35a41″ submit_text=”Submit”]